Transition of contributions from employer to employee

This measure that has been debated on wage calculation formulas, contains a number of important side effects, for which we will devote more articles in the forthcoming period.

Episode 1, as seen today 24.01.2018:

  • The payments with the health insurance fund will no longer be direct.

If by 2017 it is possible to directly compensate for the health contribution by the State budget as allowances for medical leave, from 2018 this will no longer be possible.

In short, the employer who is no longer in charge of contributions will actually pay all the medical leave and will wait as long as necessary to recover his money from the state.

The procedure is described in detail in Article 64 of ORDER No 15/2018 of 5 January 2018.


  • Increase traffic fines

The fine point is 10% of the minimum wage and will go from 145 lei to 190 lei as of January 2018.

Thus, the lowest traffic fine (2 points) there will be 380 lei against 290 lei in 2017.

The highest fine will be 19.000 lei against 14.500 lei in 2017.


  • Unemployment benefit is increasing

The unemployment benefit is 5% of the value of the social reference indicator, combined with 10% of the average gross monthly basic salary over the last 12 months of contributions.

Knowing that in 2017 the social reference indicator was 500 lei, we find that for minimum income the aid will increase by 50 lei/month.

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