The shoe story

One of the anomalies in the business world is the position toward ethics. In part, this is a consequence of the free market which has reached Romania later than other countries. The businesses during the Romanian communism era were nothing but “wheeling” with the state, and after the 90s era the affairs implied “cannons” and “wheeling” with the state.

The business mentality of the Romanians has been formed around these two realities, wildly true, to fool or be fooled, and in the 90s this was a matter that automatically positioned you in the “Smart” or “Fool” shoes.

Those old-fashioned shoes are still worn, in turn, both pairs, depending on where and who the user reports to. Have you ever seen how some shoes change? They take them in inappropriate places and sometimes people with new and beautiful shoes ruin their own to enter some patterns that do not fit today’s reality either.

The “Smart” and the “Fool” ones consider those with new shoes … “Dreamers” and try to show them that this world only turns around if you have the right shoes, if they accept to be in the Smart or Fool shoes, one after the other.

And yet Dreamers are born, a new species that innovates, wants more, if is ethical, that accepts the inconsistency of progress and that is willing to take up the work to fulfill his dreams. In the wooded maze of the business world where surprisingly….cards are always arranged and yet, unexpected things happen, dreamers struggle to be.

I know a few dreamers who have exceeded several million lei a year but also dreamers who are lost in ideas and foolishness and see the business itself as a corrupt concept.

And after all, what do you think is the moral in the story of the shoe story?

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