Management of staff files

The service involves the management of staff documents, Revisal/Reges statements and taking over the relations with ITM.

Salary calculation

We’ll prepare the monthly salary work: time, salary calculation, statements and we assume their reporting, as well as assistance in case of a check on salary calculations.

Human resources management

The outsourced Human resources service has the advantage of treating recruitment, assessment, mediation and staff management in an objective manner, ensuring the independence and “external” view of the organization, while having 100% on-time coverage of legislative changes and their adaptation to the organization.

Legal counseling on labor law can also help solve HR problems much faster and more efficiently when the approach is external.

Here are some examples of the work you can leave to us:

  • The preparation of the organization and functioning rules;
  • The preparation of the mandatory evaluation files;
  • Preparation of the collective employment agreement and organizing wage bargaining;
  • Mediation, together with an authorized mediator, of labor conflicts;

Whether you need an audit of staff files, a procedure or a continuous work of salary administration, you can count on us.

We deal with the calculation of salaries and your representation in relation to ITM or any empowered supervisory body to verify the States of payment and related acts.

We are preparing the evaluation files or we are assisting you in the execution of one-off, thematic evaluations carried out for various purposes and without any direct relation to the mandatory evaluation.