Assistance in the recruitment of financial – accounting personnel We provide specialists to help you assess the professional level of your candidates and guide you in recruiting financial – accounting profiles.

Personalized professional training

We offer you a niche service, personalized training on financial issues. Imagine a training session written and developed exactly for your team, which can cover but is not limited to the following situations: 

  • You want to improve the financial – accounting personnel on topics related to: budget, cash-flows, financial flow administration, etc. ;

  • You want to provide a course on financial health and personal finance management to all employees;

  • You need to improve your economic understanding, your strategic planning knowledge of your management team ;

We support NGOs and organizations that want to develop educational programs for disadvantaged groups. If you already have an education program dedicated to disadvantaged groups, please contact us and we promise to help you as much as we can.

We know that it can be difficult to evaluate the performance of the financial – accounting employed staff and we want to improve the relationship between the entrepreneur and economists.

That is why we propose a personal evaluation service that can help you to understand better the performance of the hired staff but also the training needs that they face.

According to the Labor Code (Article 194), employers are obliged to provide regular training for employees.

We propose a plan as effective as possible to meet this legal requirement and to achieve the training needs of your team.