Extrajudicial accounting expertise

We will work hand in hand to clarify the economic reality of a situation or reconstruct particular financial – accounting events. We will provide our written and assumed opinion for a certain matter you face.

Censorship activities

It fulfills the legal stipulations and strengthens the internal control system through activities specific to censor.

Personalized financial – accounting services

Accounting is one of the most important underlying functions of a company. Its effective organization can determine the direction of general administration.

The financial – accounting service we propose is a customized one, dimensioned exactly on your company’s needs.

Whether you want to outsource your entire financial function or just need financial accounting, working with us you will have access to a wide range of services:

  • Organization and efficiency of the accounting function, including financial fluxes and documentation used;
  • The preparation or verification of procedures which are compulsory and/or required by the company’s activity;
  • Preparing financial statements, declarations and ensuring mandatory reporting, including the framework of organizational or financial audit;
  • Ensure a monthly financial report with adapted content, addressed to the company’s management.

We apply principles and methods to keep accounting as green as possible.

This is why we are regularly taking measures to make our procedures more efficient and green.

We have experience in accounting and reporting projects with European funds

So far we have conducted 9 projects with European funds and we are ready to deal with yours.

We know how to manage complementary services that you can benefit from if you already have an in-house accountant, but you need expertise.

We team with your accountant and we guarantee you added value.