Validate an idea

We help you make an informed decision if you are at the stage where you want to open a business, but you don’t know whether it will be viable or not. The same type of service we offer you if you want to develop a new business line or want to change your business mode entirely.

Mergers and acquisitions

If you want to make a major investment or simply need to merge 2 organizations in which you are associated, we provide you with specialists to support you throughout your operations: from design to negotiation and implementation of the merger or sale/purchase of a business.

Business Planning

Sustainable business development can only be achieved with solid and documented strategic planning.

As the external environment is increasingly unstable, our recommendation is to start planning operations immediately after exploring the idea of business.

Also, if you are in a business that needs a new direction or restructuring, we can help you redefine your strategy and accompany you in its implementation.

A good strategy is the antidote of competition.

We know how to ask those questions that help you identify the uniqueness of your business and guide you to the market studies you need.

This process includes market and competitive research, as well as an assessment of the company’s capabilities and the industrial forces that influence it.

We will provide help in finding your mission toward your customers and we will work together on your vision.

Far from being theoretical concepts, these two aspects will be the foundation of your sales strategy.

The execution of the business plan means both tracking and control of the activity but also a large portion of adaptability.

It is important to have the appropriate means of tracking and controlling your activity, well correlated with the value of your budget.