Establishment, modification and cessation of activity

Get rid of bureaucracy with our company/NGO creation service.

You can turn to us regardless of the stage you are in : whether you want to set up, modify or even liquidate a commercial company/NGO.

Authorization of activities

Make sure you have all the authorizations necessary to carry out the activity, in accordance with the law.

Remember that ignorance of the law does not absolve your responsibility, so be entirely safe by regular verification of the legislation on this subject.

Personalized assistance

If you run a business for some time, legal consulting can help you take a correct new step in the direction you want to develop.

We are accompanying you in the legal process to clarify any uncertain/disputed situations, we help you secure your business by keeping up to date with the latest legislative changes and we support you in the new business lines you want to develop through:

  • Registration and protection of the brand in Romania and/or worldwide;
  • The registration of software products (stand alone platforms and/or applications) and their protection at national/EU level;
  • Review of establishment files, transfers of shares, operating licenses, intellectual proprietary rights;
  • Counseling for patrimonial activities: Sale, acquisition, land registration;
  • Point – to-point legal counseling, formulated according to the problems you face.