Green Books is a company from Brasov, CECCAR accredited, specialized in accounting and consulting services.

Our concept was formed around the accounting expertise and financial management activity and it developed by adding services from the key areas of the business management: Human Resources, Strategic planification, Financial management of non-refundable projects, Legal assistance, and professional evaluation.

Our service no.1 is assisted Accounting. It involves the provision of accounting services, complemented by financial management expertise. We want to believe that by working with us, you will feel that you have an employed accounting department and at least one attached economic analyst.

This is why , Green Books presents you financial – accounting technical expertise suggestions which you can promptly contract:

  • Preparation of the VAT refund file,
  • The preparation of the Policy Manual and the Manual of accounting procedures,
  • Analysis of the processes in the financial and accounting department and their efficiency,
  • Business planning/Tracking using different models and tools for business planning, tracking and control,
  • Ensuring financial reporting to donors, non-repayable funds or shareholders.

Accounting is one of the most important underlying functions of a company, and its effective organization can determine the direction of general administration.

Strengthen the internal control system of your company and be in absolute control with the financial monitoring that we provide in a complete confidentiality and transparency context.

Whether you have a business in the beginning or are already an experienced entrepreneur, advice from a financial manager can be the lever your business needs.

Our aim is to help your business grow by supporting yourself in decisions and helping you have all the data to implement your business strategy.

Our team has direct experience in every area of the private sector: Manufacturing, Automotive, Trade, Services, Agriculture, Forestry, IT&C, R&D, NGO.

Our experts and collaborators come from the local business environment and they recieve national and also international attention. This is why we can communicate and work directly in english and french.

Our vision is to help as many businesses as possible grow and we aim to do this by increasing the quality of the financial and accounting services you receive.