Just as each geographical area is famous for its menu and culinary flavors, so is the way the business environment develops and is influenced by local culture and traditions. Each nation has acquired over time, influenced by socio-economic factors, wars, ethnic diversity and religion, an identity.

When a business in Romania reaches the point where it considers it time to go out into the world, ie to export, it is important to understand these elements. That is why any move of this kind is a strategic, complex one that involves a lot of study and a team to design a business plan suitable for this maneuver.

In some regions, a lack of knowledge of local customs can stop any future collaboration, because you will be seen as disrespectful. External economic relations are based on diplomacy, above all. Understanding and accepting different mentalities, respecting the way a partner views a business relationship and especially openness to diversity, are the foundations of a long-term collaboration.

We learned by doing, and collaborating for a long time with foreign partners. We speak their language, an extremely important element, as I mentioned earlier. And since no one can do them all and cannot speak all the languages ​​of the world, we specialize in trade relations with France and Turkey.

The trade history between Wallachia and Turkey begins with 1878 when they first exchanged diplomatic representatives. From here, choosing to look ahead, economic relations flourished. Immediately after the Revolution, the Romanians were charmed by the Turkish bazaars, their wealth and especially the special way they traded.

They brought to the country everything that fell into their hands and developed a new trade route, set during the communist regime. The Turks, in turn, found in Romania a market eager for colorful clothes, for trucks that could take them out. goods in Western Europe and the preference of Romanians for Turkish cuisine. But everyone who traded in Turkey, came with the same impression, the solidarity of the Turks and the way they promote each other, more like members of a well-known networking group. , are fast and business partners are 99% men.

As for the trade relationship with France, here the partnership is old and well rooted in our culture. We are a French-speaking people and in interwar Iasi French was the language of the salon.

France is strongly represented in Romania, through companies such as Renault, Renault France, Airbus Group, Orange, Valeo, Carrefour, Engie, BRD – Société Générale and many others. In 2018, the volume of Romanian-French trade was 9.03 billion Euros, increasing by 9.54% compared to the same period in 2017.

How does it help us to know all this? First of all, let us understand that both markets are bidding both for foreign investors eager to enter the Romanian market and for Romanian entrepreneurs who want to export.

Because we want to be closer to investors, to be present with them from the very beginning, we opened two partner offices in Istanbul and Paris. Both are taking the first steps with the entrepreneurs there who want to invest in Romania. Also, with their help we can complete the services for the groups of companies we accompany between Romania and Turkey. In this way we ensure control and reporting for groups of companies and ensure the correct reporting of the group.

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