How and where we effectively direct the income/profit tax

In the autumn we start counting tree buds in entrepreneurship, writing budgets, making balance sheets and preparing for a new year. We hope it will be a better year for all, full of lessons from the past.

At the same time, it is a time when the annual profit is beginning to emerge and, we say, we should also think about what we are giving back to the company.

In Romania 1 out of 5 companies choose to redirect income/profit tax. With a rate of only 20% of national redirection capacity, NGOs survive as they can while taking on very important roles for civil society.

We want to contribute by increasing this percentage and therefore we remind you of the conditions of deductible sponsorship (i.e. sponsoring at no cost to the company):

CASE 1: If the company has more than 1 mil. EUR turnover, it can direct 20% of the company tax but not more than 5 per thousand of turnover.

Practically, these 2 indicators are calculated and we can donate the lowest value obtained as a result

These amounts may be donated to any legally registered NGO.

CASE 2: If the company has less than 1 million euros In Turnover, it can direct 20% of the micro tax to an NGO with at least one accredited social service.

It is important both to redirect and to select the right NGO we want to support. We chose to support SCUT Association that has been reintegrating young people that have been in placement centers back into society for the past 20 years. Beyond the social purpose of SCUT, we see the need to integrate these young people into the labor force and we think (including on the economic level) how important the costs of society are if the mission is not achieved.

By the way, did you know that in Romania there is no state service to replace this role?

Further on, we intend to support you in the donation process and that is why we offer you PRO BONO a discussion with one of our specialists to give you the technical details you need to know for redirection.

Do not hesitate to use this opportunity and write to us at:

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