Dear entrepreneur,

We created Green Books in 2014 with the hope that we will bring a new concept to the Financial – Accounting market in Brasov and Sibiu.

Having more than 15-year experience in the financial and accounting field, we found that entrepreneurship in Romania is not supported by an adapted and realistic form of schooling, neither by national legislation nor by the contribution of an economist to accompany the entrepreneur in his approach.

Being in a continuous transition, the romanian market still offers a lot of development opportunities, but it also has a full range of risks and challenges that situates the entrepreneur in a difficult scenario, at least.

We wish to step out together, our team and the entrepreneur, from the accounting – entrepreneur parallel relationships paradigm and especially we wish to help businesses grow. We want to make this happening by increasing the quality of the financial services you will benefit from.

We believe in the quality of our services and we guarantee for all pieces of work we produce, assuming every penalty that can occur from our fault.

In just 4 years we consolidated a team composed by specialists with a lot of experience in every important layer of the private sector by having at the same time an impressive education level.

Together with our partners we configured a list of services that will allow you to contract exactly the amout you need in order to develop a business, whether you are a start-up or a business with a lot of tradition which happens to be in a transformation process.

Besides the objectivity of our profession, financial consulting also involves a certain level of human compatibility, common values ​​and mutual directions.

That’s why we invite you to meet us, to share your plans and to test if we can make this journey possible together.

With love,

Mădălina Okur