Business trip to Lyon

In October, I attended together with Angela – my colleague, the economic forum dedicated to French-Romanian affairs in France, the city of Lyon. Our aim was to meet our French partners there and to facilitate the development of French-speaking relations, or even to establish a Green Books business on the French territory.

I was pleasantly impressed by the enthusiasm of the Romanian and French authorities regarding the Francophone business environment and by the positive message that was sent out during the conference.

I watched this message without political color, of a team interested in building and once again I noticed that something can be done for the business market, but also for the Romanian-French relations.

Our presence at this conference has enabled us to get to know not only transnational businesses but also entrepreneurs and attitudes, which has delighted us.

The modest attitude of our Romanian colleagues was not at all justifiable, because behind the shy looks we have seen during the conference, there is a lot of work to hide, many years of education and training, therefore this made us ask ourselves serious questions about us, romanians. I have to admit that I would have liked to see my colleagues more enthusiastic and perhaps a little more confident about everything they have achieved.

Of course, as all the beautiful things have a part that raises questions, we couldn’t fail to notice the “trodden path” or the way a French business enters the Romanian market. Behind a public organization are the businesses of a single consultancy firm that defends the interests of French entrepreneurs. I can say, however, that I have never liked the “trodden paths”, because by their nature they cannot hide the opportunities of an untried road. In other words, there are many opportunities to create healthy and trustworthy partnerships, beyond the above mentioned monopoly.

In conclusion, there have been a few busy days in which we have managed to get to know interesting people, to walk and breathe the air of a future with prosperous promises. We had enough time to visit the palace of a French partner which we trust and to make plans for the future GreenBooks dealership in France.

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